Bhunaksha Odisha – Bhulekh Village Map with Plot No.

Bhu Naksha Odisha is a web platform that allows users to access land records in the Indian state of Odisha online. These records contain information about villages, agricultural land, forests, bodies of water, and other land uses.

If you want a Map of your land then you can use the Bhunaksha Odisha portal to obtain the Bhu Naksha of your land or plot.

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SubjectBhuNaksha, Village Map (Land Map)
PortalBhunaksha Odisha

Check BhuNaksha Odisha (Village Map)

When you’re at the Bhu Naksha Odisha page you have to select your District after that you will be redirected to that district. This portal provides Bhunaksha or a Map of Odisha.

BhaNaksha Odisha Portal

You can search your Bhu Naksha Odisha (Map) by selecting the following land details.

  • District
  • Tehsil
  • RI
  • Village
  • Sheet No
Select Location for Map

Once you enter the above details the map will show on your screen If you search OR click on any Particular Land you will get Plot Info. After that simply click on the Map Report button.

Therefore, you will get the following two Report options. 1) Single Plot 2) All Plots of the Same Owner. Select anyone according to your need then click the Show Report pdf button to save Map Report. Now you can Print and Download the map report.

BhuNaksha Odisha Map

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